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Cycle power


Hits three areas

Cycle power splits the training away from the bike. These all focus on different elements you need to improve speed or endurance or both.


The first workout

Our first workout begins with some good old fashioned strength training. Be sure to focus on the warm-up motions before moving onto the big strength exercises. Rest for the amount of time given, and break on through to new limits. See our first workout here https://wlabs.me/2LksqSH


Entirely online

This plan is entirely online. You can add an option to have personal training sessions if you are local.

Contact us for Local 1-2-1 sessions

buy the online cycling program £9.99 per month



Not only running

Yes, we know that to build up endurance for running, you should probably be out there and run but not today. Today, we'll change things up a little. Warning: this workout could take you 2 hours! Example workout https://wlabs.me/2Lrtpkd


A calendar to keep you on track

With a calendar and a progressive plan we'll make sure your improvement is steady and planned. Couch to 5K or working up for a marathon, the plan is personalised.


Share your data

We are happy to help you track your progress with the online PT messenger app. 

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Golfer's program


Help your swing

Getting to the green takes skill and power. The muscles you need to strengthen are one of the areas targeted in the program.


Get to the 18th

Endurance is needed to maintain the ability you show in the earlier holes. The program builds up endurance and stamina.


Progressive planning

The plan has inbuilt progression to ensure that you can concentrate on the exercises rather than the 'admin!'

buy the online golfer program £9.99 per month




Tennis is all about speed! A tennis ball can travel up to 163 mph so we need you to be faster than that! Let's get started. Perform every exercise (except the rowing) as fast as you can. By pushing weight at speed you'll encourage your body to explode into action when needed. Example workout https://wlabs.me/2LruhW1



Tennis matches can last up to 5 hours; as the speed and strength start to drop one thing remains, stamina, and that can often determine the outcome of the match. With this workout we will be focusing on building up stamina, without causing to much stress on those joints.



At the end of a match, you want to be able to smash those aces the same way you did at the beginning, right? This workout plan will give you the strength to do so. 

Buy the online tennis program £9.99 per month

personal targets


Planning a big day

You might want to get fit for a  wedding or summer holiday? Whatever you are aiming to do, contact us to see if we can help. For example our 'Fit For A Bride' program mixes up workouts to get you healthier and more toned.


Over 40

It is simply never to late to start getting fit! Our PTs are both over 50 and proof that fitness has no age restrictions. Contact us with a plan for your health and fitness goals. Our oldest client is 90 so you have no excuse!


Other Targets

Our plans are personalised so any targets you have that are not covered here; you can always ask us if we can help.

Contact Us With Your Target Or Questions

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Train with us online or better yet, train with us in person!

We love meeting new people and helping them achieve their goals. We offer 1-2-1 sessions for local people. The cost is greater than the online programs. 

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